About Citynet

Citynet is an independent Lloyd’s broker specialising in the placement of commercial business into the London market on behalf of UK and Irish intermediaries.

Our independence gives us the freedom to trade without restrictions throughout the London market. This enables our team to focus its energy on sourcing innovative solutions to unusual challenges and hard-to-place risks.

Founded in 2000 and achieving Lloyd’s accreditation in 2005, Citynet is owned entirely by its working directors. This model allows us to invest robustly in the development of our staff and enables profits to be shared and reinvested into our business.

Our approach ensures that we attract the most talented professionals to work for us and creates an environment where all employees have a stake in our success.

We act purely as a wholesale broker, therefore we only deal with other insurance intermediaries. This structure encourages lasting partnerships with other insurance professionals that are based upon trust, transparency, respect and a mutual desire to win and retain clients.