Club Founder and President Sean Crowley testified that Citynet Insurance Brokers Limited has been integral to the club’s survival and growth.

The club also advise that part of the funds provided by Citynet Insurance Brokers Limited was used to setup and implement the Erne Judo Club project.

The Erne Judo Club was formed in the summer of 2014 as a free to participate summer scheme. Thereafter, the club was officially formed and in the proceeding 12 months has developed a membership base of 24 licenced judokas.

The club advised that they had originally applied for funding from Sport NI and that although the project assessment exceeded the approval threshold that funding wasn’t allocated due to their rural location and as consequence the Erne Judo Club would be non-existent without the support they received from Citynet Insurance Brokers Limited.

The Erne Boxing Club is truly an underdog that through Citynet Insurance Brokers Limited support has been able to punch above their weight.

“The Erne Boxing Club was on the verge of closure in 2014 due to the difficulty in meeting is our ongoing operating costs and overheads. The club is run entirely by volunteers with limited revenue coming solely from member subscriptions, our own fundraising efforts and kind donations.

The club supports members from socially deprived backgrounds so often we provide our service free of charge and cover the costs of our members travel to competitions and their entrance fees etc.
The funds from Citynet Insurance Brokers Limited has enabled the club to clear debts and invest in training more volunteers to become coaches.

The support from Citynet Insurance Brokers Limited has been invaluable not only in helping the club survive and to build sustainability but also has given a lucky few the once in a life time opportunity to take part in competitions on different sides of the globe and we are eternally grateful.

On behalf of the members of both the Erne Boxing Club and Erne Judo Club, and the local community we sincerely thank Citynet Insurance Brokers Limited for their kind and generous support” Sean Crowley